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Summer 2021 —> Plan of Attack

At Academic Tutoring & Testing, our team is gearing up to help out students get back on track this summer after a challenging year of school. We offer a range of options for students of all ages and abilities.

Summer is a great time for students to master the ACT, improve reading, writing, math and study skills, and to take online courses for credit. We offer summer programs in:

  1. ACT/SAT Test Prep specifically designed to help each student reach their goal score as efficiently as possible.

  2. 2-Day ACT Crash Course in which students new to the ACT are introduced to the skills and strategies needed to be successful.

  3. Study Skills classes designed to help students build study habits and learning techniques to be successful in the upcoming school year.

  4. Online Course Support, which is aimed at students attempting to complete high school or college credits over the summer.

  5. Remedial Math, Reading, and Writing Tutoring, which helps students build core skills they may have missed in previous years and to prepare for the classes they will take next school year.

  6. College Preparation in which students work to build the higher level critical thinking, reading, and writing skills they will need to be successful in college.

Contact us today to set up a plan that fits your student’s summer needs.


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