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Test Prep

Your Custom Tutoring Program for the ACT, SAT, AP, GRE, and Other Standardized Tests

You name the test, we can help you prepare for it.
Single sessions or packages may be purchased online below (not available on mobile). For more information, please call us at 952-591-9437.

One-on-one test prep / Minneapolis

Please open this PDF to view our Test Prep Contract. 

One-on-One Test Preparation

ACT & SAT Preparation

Our tutors are prepared to help students master both the ACT and the redesigned SAT exam. All of our sessions are specifically tailored to fit our students' learning styles and help them meet their target scores. 


Clients may purchase single sessions or packages of eight or nine sessions. Free full length and hour-long real ACT exams are available at any stage of the tutoring. 

ACT/SAT Prep Package

Package sessions focus on test-day strategies, tips and tricks for each individual section, and real practices tests. 


Group Classes
Although we strongly believe that one-on-one tutoring provides the best results, we do provide group classes at a reduced rate. These classes are best for students who are new to the test and are only offered as-needed. Please let us know if you have a group of students interested in signing up for a class and we'll help you get started.


Additional Services


College Application Essay Assistance

College essays are a great way for students to separate themselves from the pack. Our writing specialists work with students to help them find a unique topic, frame their thoughts, and write a personal college essay that will resonate with college admissions officers. 


AP, GRE, & Other Exam Preparation
We have a network of tutors available who can tutor in a wide range of standarized tests. Just let us know what test you need to take and we'll help you achieve your goals.




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