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The staff of Academic Tutoring & Testing are trained to identify learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and emotional issues. Although in the past there have been stigmas associated with learning disorders, we believe that helping students understand their ideal learning style is a key step toward achieving success both in academics and in the real world. Everyone has a unique learning style. We want to help students learn how to form good study habits that will allow them to use their time effectively and efficiently.


Testing in these areas empowers students with the information needed to master their learning style, gain access to Individual Education Programs and 504-Plans, and gain access to options such as extended time on standardized tests or on high school and college exams.


Academic Tutoring & Testing employs a licensed psychologist who has helped students in our organization for more than 18 years. He works with our director to administer, interpret, and write reports for our psycho-educational diagnostic evaluation.

During testing, our licensed psychologist administers an IQ exam. He then provides additional tests in areas including short-term memory, long-term memory, visual processing, auditory processing, vocabulary and visual-motor speed to further identify a student’s specific learning style. Next, the student is given a series of achievement tests in areas such as math, reading, and written language.

In concordance with the testing, the student, along with his or her parents and teachers, are asked to complete questionnaires about the student’s attentional or emotional background. Past school records and report cards are also used to further evaluate the student’s academic history.

The testing process consists of two testing periods. One session is approximately two hours long and involves the student running through the first series of test with our licensed psychologist. The second session takes two to three hours, depending on which exams our psychologist recommends for additional testing. After these two sessions have been completed, it takes approximately three weeks to compile and analyze the results. At this point, our owner and director meet with the student’s family for an hour to go through the test results. A full report is given to the parents, which includes a detailed analysis of the testing and provides recommendations to address any problems that are found.


Please contact us to learn more about testing and to discuss pricing.

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