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College and Career Advising

Our staff provides individualized, a la carte, college services, designed to make the college process as easy to navigate as possible.

College is an expensive and stressful process. With our team, there's no need to sign up for an expensive, formal package of college advising sessions. Instead, we work with families to determine where they need the most assistance and to map out a strategic plan of attack. 

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College Services

College essay assistance: 

Our writing experts help students to craft original, powerful stories essays that highlight their best qualities. We also assist with the increasingly important supplemental essays. 


The big list: 

So many schools, so little time. How is a student supposed to know which school is the best fit? We're here to help! 


Application support:

Sometimes it feels like college applications are purposefully confusing. Don't sweat it! We have decades of experiencing filling out applications and finding answers to even the most complicated application quandaries. 



College tutoring and advising: 

Once the decision has been made, the next step is to prepare for a successful freshman year. We help students choose their fall classes and communicate with advising and learning support staff members on campus. Our team is also ready and able to support any college student's academic needs once classes begin. 

Resume building:

We help students build strong, detail-oriented resumes by compiling all of their activities, work history, and academic record.

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