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Top Ten Tips For Test Day

  1. Relax

  2. Remember stress kills test scores. If you’re feeling anxious before the test, find a quiet place and take several calming breaths before you enter the test room.

  1. Get moving

  2. In the morning before the test, make sure you wake your body up. Do a few stretches, shoot some hoops, take the dog for a quick walk, etc. If your body is awake, your mind will follow.

  3. Eat breakfast

  4. Studies show that a quality breakfast boosts concentration and brainpower. Unless you’re a coffee-addict, drink a glass of OJ and skip the java.

  5. Dress Well, Test Well

  6. Studies show that when students feel confident in what they’re wearing, their scores improve.

  7. Remember the game plan

  8. Before each section begins, take a moment to focus on your tutor’s game plan for that section. Then execute it.

  9. Focus on what you can control

  10. Instead of worrying about problems you don’t understand, spend your time getting every problem you know how to do right.

  11. It’s all about you

  12. Remember yours is the only score that matters. Don’t worry about how fast someone else is working. Keep your eyes on your test and focus on getting questions right.

  13. Use the break

  14. When the proctor lets you leave the room, make sure you stand up, stretch your legs, eat a snack, drink some water, and refocus before the next section.

  15. Re-energize

  16. As you get to the later sections of the test, you might find your energy slipping. If that happens, look away from the test for a moment, take a deep breath, and then dive back in.

  17. Trust yourself.

  18. You have been working hard to prepare for this test. Trust yourself. Trust the process. You will do great!

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