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College of the Week: Loyola Marymount University

California colleges have, rightfully so, earned a reputation for being difficult to get into for out of state applicants. Loyola Marymount University is the rare Los Angeles based university that is a viable option for many Minnesota applicants. With a view of the Pacific Ocean, emphasis in film and television production, strong coursework in entrepreneurship and marketing, a diverse student-body, Division I sports, Greek life, and a strong Jesuit academic tradition, LMU is worthy of consideration.

Good fit for... Twin Cities applicants with a passion for film, yearning for a warm climate, ocean views, and that LA lifestyle AND still want to be able to root for their college's sports team.

Notable opportunities include... Studying film in Bonn, Germany, competing in a national eco-friendly car race, producing your own documentary, and attending the on campus music festival Fallapalooza.

The Details:

  • Student Population: Approx 8,500

  • Acceptance Rate: 50%

  • Average Cost After Aid: Approx $34,031

  • Contact for Twin Cities Applicants:

    • Chris Parra


    • 310-338-7394


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