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Mastering the ACT

Step 1: Just the Basics

The ACT is NOT the most important part of a college application. It does NOT measure a student’s IQ, how well they have done in high school, or how well they will do in college or their future career. College admissions officers use the exam to help differentiate students from various high school with similar GPAs. Furthermore, many schools offer scholarships that are based on how a student performs on the ACT.

Larger universities tend to place greater emphasis on test scores than smaller colleges. The test can be taken multiple times. Some colleges will only take your best individual score. Other colleges will superscore, which means they combine the best individual scores from each exam. If you have questions about the score range a certain college is asking for, don’t hesitate to ask your tutor. We can help you make a realistic and smart goal for the exam. If you need help planning for college, we would also be happy to put you in touch with a great local college advisor.

Below is an example of how applicants to The University of Minnesota tend to do on the ACT.

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