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How the Covid Generation Beats Back Coronavirus: 10 Ideas for Summer Tutoring Programs

summer tutoring student working remotely & safely

10 Ideas for Summer Tutoring Programs

1) ACT and SAT prep

2) College application assistance + college study skills

3) Finish incomplete spring courses

4) Review concepts/skills unmastered during lockdown

5) Prep for fall courses

6) Writing/Reading skill development

7) Math skill development

8) Science skill development

9) Online summer courses to meet college prerequisites or high school course requirements

10) Custom-make your own program with an individual tutor to meet your unique needs

The 2019-2020 school year is nearly over and many students feel relieved to be through with distance learning...for now at least.

It seems likely that online learning will be part of the near future as well. Some colleges are already gearing up for fall semester with announcements that their classes will be conducted online. Many K-12 school districts are preparing teachers for online teaching into at least the fall.

Some people are already dubbing the school kids of today the Covid Generation. If this unfortunate nickname sticks, the memory of daily Zoom and Google Meet sessions to get their lessons may be a lasting one.

Kids, teachers and parents should be proud of their quick adaptions to online learning. But many would also acknowledge that there now are gaps in kids' educations because the transition to online formats was too hasty to be ideal.

Summer is a great time to close learning gaps with tutoring. While workers, public health officials and communities grapple with how to stay safe during the reopening of society, an essential task will be gearing kids up for more distance learning.

One silver lining to all of this is that kids are now versed in online formats, so distance tutoring over the summer presents few technical obstacles. Check out the list above and seek out a good tutor to make the most of the summer!

Please stay safe and support your frontline workers!

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