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First day of school? Set your student up for a successful year with 5 tips from one of my former stu

1. Get Connected With Your Teachers Right Away

It’s always a good thing to be on good terms with your instructor. Before your class begins, make sure to personally introduce yourself to your teacher. Doing this, as opposed to waiting until class begins to introduce yourself alongside everyone else, shows your teacher that you are eager to learning and are willing to come to them in times of need. If you have any learning/intellectual disabilities (dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, etc.), make doubly sure that your teacher is made aware of that on the first day so that they know what to do to help you if you’re in a jam.

2. Take Notes

The most crucial time to take notes in class is during the first few days of school because this is the time where you will learn the most basic elements of the subject you are learning. If you don’t take notes when you are learning the basics, it will make the subject significantly more difficult in the future. If your teacher writes down everything on a whiteboard or has it all on a PowerPoint presentation, copy everything down in your notebook. You can also ask your teacher to review their PowerPoint and write down everything on your own time.

3. Look Into Extracurricular Activities

Not only will this establish a solid connection with your campus, it will make you more desirable to potential employers and colleges if you get into an extracurricular activity. These include (but are not limited to) clubs, volunteer/internship opportunities and sports teams. Ask a teacher or a counsellor which activities your school offers.

4. Get A Planner

Getting into the habit of using an organizational planner will save your skin come finals week. These little books will become your best friend throughout your school year; you can write down which assignments are due and when. There are so many different types of planners on the market today, from the sparkly and colorful, to the simple and professional; it all depends on what you want. Plus, because nobody owns it except you, you can make it your own with stickers and gel pens if you wanted to (just as long as you’re still able to write down your assignments clearly).

5. Color-Code Your Supplies Based on Classes

By combining creativity with efficient management, you’ll have an easier time keeping your homework and notes in the same place. Before the school year starts, review which classes you have, then assign a color to each one and buy your school supplies accordingly. For simplicity’s sake, avoid zany multicolored patterns or different shades of the same color (light blue, dark blue, etc.). Instead, opt for colors that you can easily distinguish from each other at a glance (purple, green, orange, black, etc.). It’s also a good idea to get writing utensils that write in the same color ink/lead as your notebooks, especially if you decided to get that planner.

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