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Worried About Distance Learning? We Can help!

Schools across the state of Minnesota are in the process of implementing distance and virtual learnings plans for the fall. While we applaud the measures districts are taking to protect the health and well-being of teacher, staff members, and students, it is also important to note the challenges inherent in distance learning:

1) There will be a regression in math and reading skills as students are able to find short cuts to complete assignments.

2) It is more difficult for students to ask questions and to engage with the material

3) Students with learning disabilities do not receive individualized support from their teachers and often find it more challenging to click with virtual lesson plans.

4) Students who struggle with focus, discipline, and/or organizational skills will find it difficult to stay on task with online lessons.

5) Students with parents who both work, single-parent households, or who face economic or other situational disadvantages will have a much more challenging time succeeding.

Our team is here to help. We offer individualized tutoring that aims to build long term skills for our students. We will work with families to develop learning plans that allow students to maintain strong grades, while also engaging and learning the material and skills needed for success down the road in both academic and job settings.

A few ways we can help:

1) One-on-one subject specific tutoring: Worried about pre-calc? Or chemistry? Or Spanish? Our team has years of experience tutoring all subjects and levels through college.

2) Study skills tutoring: Concerned your student won't stay on top of assignments? We help keep students organized and disciplined, while teaching life long study skills.

3) College & Academic Advising: Not sure what the best plan is for college or school in general? We help students navigate all aspects of the college process, while also finding solutions for students who may benefit from a non-traditional academic path.

4) ACT/SAT Prep: Confused by all the changes to the ACT & SAT? We can help! While many colleges are moving away from exams, they still play a major positive role in both admission and merit-based financial aid.

5) ADD/ADHD Coaching: Frustrated by the lack of support with learning disabilities during distance learning? Our team will work with your student to help them navigate virtual learning, while also teaching them how they learn and how to use the positive aspects of ADD and ADHD to build future success.

6) Pod tutoring: Aimed at helping small groups of students succeed and stay on task.

Most importantly, in what may very well be a challenging year for students across the country, we have years of experience of helping students manage anxiety and boosting their confidence.

Give us a call today to discuss fall learning plans!

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